Steinhoff is focused on managing the long-term sustainability of the group’s businesses and business practices

Corporate responsibility

STEINHOFF INTERNATIONAL is an integrated discount retailer that manufactures, sources and retails furniture, household goods and clothing in Europe, Africa and Australasia.

The group aims to create an environment where employees, customers and business partners are encouraged to contribute towards responsible business practices with long-term sustainable benefits.

Steinhoff is aware of the group's responsibility towards...

  • ITS STAKEHOLDERS – shareholders, customers, business partners and the surrounding communities in which the group operates
  • ITS EMPLOYEES – to value, uplift and create a suitable environment within which employees can add value
  • NATURAL RESOURCES – to protect the sustainability of the natural resources which in turn will protect the sustainability of the business and all the stakeholders on which it depends


Steinhoff's business model is based on its long-term strategy, which defines key business drivers that assist in maintaining the group's focus on implementing its strategy and achieving sustainable results. To date, this has proved successful in growing the business under sometimes volatile and uncertain economic and political conditions globally.

This approach continues to create value for stakeholders and is at the core of the group's sustainability efforts.

Case studies

Becoming a learning organisation

JD Group's Human Resources Service Centre is focused on enabling employees to be high-performing individuals and to reach their full potential.
Becoming a "learning organisation" where employees are encouraged to own and celebrate learning and development is a strategic goal for building and retaining skilled and talented employees.

A 10-year partnership providing substantial social benefits

Steinhoff's partnership with Abraham Kriel Childcare (Abraham Kriel) has evolved over many years.
Many discussions and community research brought about the decision to assist vulnerable children who have been orphaned by the HIV/Aids pandemic.

The golden "M" – A quality endorsement

Scandals around the safety of products for public use and the circumstances around manufacturing processes have fuelled consumer concerns.