Steinhoff is focused on managing the long-term sustainability of the group’s businesses and business practices

About sustainability reporting

Steinhoff is pleased to present the corporate responsibility information for Steinhoff International, which is additional to the information included in the group's integrated report to provide stakeholders with insight into aspects of sustainability and the way in which the group manages its businesses.

Key material issues are addressed together with the group's strategic drivers in the integrated report. The group’s sustainability information describes how sustainability efforts underpin these strategic businesses drivers to create long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Aspects of social and environmental sustainability have been part of the group's strategy for many years, yet there is now more emphasis on monitoring and reporting of relevant and material data. The group is continually seeking to improve processes of data collection and data management in order to report more accurately on strategic sustainability issues and to align reporting with global best practice.

Steinhoff’s approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability remained consistent throughout reporting periods. Relevant qualitative and quantitative information is updated annually where necessary to provide sufficient context of the group's performance.


Group structure

Steinhoff International Holdings N.V.

Genesis Investment Holdings GmbH

Steinhoff International Holdings Limited 100%

Steinhoff Investment Holdings Limited

Steinhoff Africa Holdings (PTY) LTD 100%


Pepkor Holdings (Pty) Ltd


Steinhoff Services Limited


Steinhoff Properties (Pty) Ltd


JD Group Limited


KAP Industrial Holdings Limited


PSG Group Limited

Steinhoff Finance Holdings GmbH 100%


Steinhoff Europe AG


Hemisphere International Properties BV

Scope and boundary

The scope of the sustainability information includes the group’s operating subsidiaries of the international and South African businesses (Pepkor will be incorporated into the sustainability reporting at the end of FY2016). The financial and quantitative data covers the financial reporting period of 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015.

All references to Steinhoff, the group, the company, the business, and references to "our" and "we" refer to Steinhoff International Holdings Limited and its controlled subsidiaries. A controlled subsidiary is a company in which Steinhoff has a shareholding of more than 50%.

For a comprehensive understanding of the affairs of the group, the sustainability information should be read together with the integrated report, the audited annual financial statements, and the corporate governance report, all of which are available on this site.

Determining materiality

The diversity of the group's businesses and its extensive geographical footprint influence the way in which the materiality   of sustainability aspects is determined and addressed. There are many issues across the group that could be material to certain divisions but not to others, or to the group as a whole.

Materiality is therefore determined and defined at a divisional level. Decisions around materiality are based on the potential impact of risks and opportunities, and the effect on stakeholders.

This has resulted in certain of the divisions being at the core of many of the group's sustainability initiatives.


The group’s combined assurance process will be further developed to include sustainability data. This will enhance the quality and integrity of the group’s sustainability data.

With third-party assurance becoming a prevalent reporting requirement the group is in the process of including certain sustainability information into the internal audit cycle. When this has been fully incorporated and optimised, external assurance will be achievable in certain areas of focus, where deemed necessary.