Management – Divisional management

Integrated retail

Household goods General merchandise Automotive
Alexandre Nodale (37) Chief executive officer
Frank Deshayes (40) Chief financial officer and company secretary
Tonino Péreira (48) Managing director: International
Christophe Guégan (48) Chief operating officer: France
Thierry Huz (53) Director: Commercial marketing and e-commerce
Stanislas Conseiller (43) Director: Strategy
Olivier Guigner (46) Director: Human resources
Isabella Hoppenot (49) Director: Communications
Laurent Mussigmann (50) Director: Retail network France
Manuel Estevez (49) Managing director: Iberian Peninsula
Betrand Lefort (48) Managing director: Switzerland
Slobodan Skölnik (53) Managing director: Italy and Croatia

Peter Pohlman (73) Chairman, supervisory board: ERM
Thomas Stolletz (57) Chief executive officer: Poco
Dr. Hans-Ralf Großkord (57) Chief financial officer: Poco
Dirk Herzig (49) Chief executive officer: Lipo
Camen Reto (57) Chief financial officer: Lipo
Piotr Lisowski (48) Chief executive officer: Abra
Piotr Szczepanik (35) Chief financial officer: Abra

United Kingdom
Sean Summers (62) Chief executive officer: UK Retail
Philip Dieperink (58) Chief financial officer: UK Group
Alan Williams (53) Managing director: UK Retail operations

Paul van den Bosch (52) Managing director
Frans Herman (58) Director: Commercial
Danny van den Bosch (50) Director: Habufa Research and Development
Bernd Niessen (50) Operations manager

Michael Gordon (49) Managing director: Group services
Chief financial officer: Steinhoff Asia Pacific
Tim Schaafsma (42) Managing director: Freedom and Poco
Simon Beaty (59) Managing director: Snooze

African operations
Peter Griffiths (52) Chief executive officer
Ashley Kretzmann (47) Chief financial officer
Charl van der Walt (50) Chief executive: JD Financial services
Renée Griessel (53) Chief executive: JDG Insurance
Theodore de Klerk (45) Managing director: SteinBuild

Integrated supply chain
Jürgen Mussmann (52) Chief operating officer: European manufacturing
Anthony Joyce (59) Managing director: UK and European bedding manufacturing
Nick Spanos (49)
George Giannopoulos (40)
Joint managing directors: Select-O-Pedic
Georg Billert (49) Managing director: Puris and Impuls
Florence Balanant (44) Executive: Steinhoff International Sourcing
Tom Huang (41) Chief executive officer: Steinhoff International Sourcing and Trading (Asia)
Rudi Roex (51) Chief executive officer: Steinhoff International Logistics

Hans Ulrich Bussas (60) Managing director: Hemisphere International
Gordon Forsyth (57) Property services: UK
Dieter Helmrich (55) Chief executive officer: Steinhoff properties – Africa