Integrated retail – Household goods

Conforama operates an extensive network across Europe, with stores in France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia and Luxembourg. The average store size is approximately 3 600 m2. Conforama’s core product lines comprise furniture, decoration and a range of homeware appliances and electronic goods, employing a multi-style product strategy.


287 retail outlets

± 1.2m m2 retail space

± 14 600 employees

8 countries
(France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Luxembourg)

European Retail Management (ERM) incorporates an extensive retail footprint of large-scale discount value formats offering a full range of furniture and household goods. While the majority of retail trading space is located in Germany and Switzerland, the division also includes the Abra and Poco brands in Poland and, most recently, the Netherlands.


326 retail outlets

± 1.5m m2 retail space

± 15 700 employees

9 countries
(Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Steinhoff’s UK retail operations consist of a balanced mix of retail chains and include:

  • Harveys – a leading home retail specialist focusing on lounge and dining room furniture at value prices. It was also one of the first retailers to give its customers an online shopping alternative.
  • Bensons for Beds – a leading sleep solution destination offering both classical and contemporary bedroom furniture. It sells a comprehensive assortment of leading bed brands, including the Sleepmasters range manufactured exclusively by Relyon.

438 retail outlets

± 295 000 m2 retail space

± 2 200 employees

1 country

Operations in Australasia include the Freedom, Snooze, Fantastic, Plush and OFM brands, focusing mainly on furniture, bedding and mattresses, as well as Poco, a large-format discount household goods retailer.


147 retail outlets

± 225 000 m2 retail space

± 1 500 employees

2 countries

The furniture brands focus on value‑conscious customers and are located throughout South Africa and Botswana, with strong representation in rural areas. The store footprint is continuously reviewed to ensure that the right stores are situated in optimal locations.
Incredible Connection’s aim is to be a specialist provider of information technology solutions with the widest range of quality products and brands. HiFi Corp targets the mass market as the destination of choice for home appliances, entertainment and technology products.

863 retail outlets

± 470 000 m2 retail space

7 brands

The aim of this business is to be the customer’s project partner when it comes to building materials and DIY products.

137 retail outlets

± 360 000 m2 retail space

4 brands

Founded in 1986, Houston-based Mattress Firm is the leading speciality bedding retailer with the largest geographic footprint in the United States. The company, through its brands including Mattress Firm, Sleepy's and Sleep Train, offers a broad selection of both traditional and speciality mattresses, bedding accessories and other related products.

3 505 retail outlets

± 1.7m m2 retail space

1 country
(United States of America)

The manufacturing division’s proximity to the large European household goods markets; its ability to assemble furniture sourced from Asia and Europe; and its ability to replace or repair products subject to the stringent legal European warranty requirements, remain key competitive advantages to external and group-owned retailers.



31 manufacturing facilities

6 countries
(Germany, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Australia, France)

The division is responsible for:

  • Identifying and assessing potential suppliers
  • Comprehensive material procurement
  • Product and fabric development
  • Technical assistance
  • Coordination of sample approvals
  • Assessment of lab tests and raw material availability
  • Supervision of logistics and shipping information
  • Quality assurance inspections at all vendor production sites

Sourcing from more than40 countries

8 sourcing offices

The ability to efficiently transport and deliver items from supplier to the end consumer forms an integral part of the supply chain. Sustainable and efficient logistics operations differentiate suppliers, both on cost and service delivery. The focused integration of the group’s European warehouse and logistics footprint has resulted in a more efficient and cost effective logistics operation.

More than 110 000 containers shipped p.a.

More than50 distribution centres